Green Car
We design a car tour with focus on as many elements of the green and blue Copenhagen as requested
– explanations about both the city, harbor, and surroundings.

You can go with our EQV or Tesla X 100 D

We have a very good knowledge of the official focus on sustainability, but also of the challenges we face and how we approach the solutions, especially in relation to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

We just don’t talk about a sustainable mindset … we drive it, the green way.

Tour in the different and most interesting parts of Copenhagen, depending on your wishes. On the way you hear about our city, the neighbourhoods and culture and we show you our green favourite spots og hidden gems.. click here

What is DANISH DESIGN – past and present?

Danish Design is much more than the big ikons as Arne Jacobsen, Klint, Wegner, Utzon or some of the other world-famous Danish designers and architects…click here

Danish architects and Danish architecture are known for their innovative and functional designs, often incorporating elements of minimalism, sustainability, and modernism. Danish architects such as Jorn Utzon, Arne Jacobsen, and Bjarke Ingels have made significant contributions to the field with their unique approach to design and construction… click here


North of Copenhagen, lie three of Denmark’s best-known castles. First, drive through the lush Danish countryside along the “Danish Riviera coastal road”, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the sea on one side and impressive manor houses on the other. Arrival in the city of Helsingør (Elsinore) and the famous Kronborg Castle … click here

Embark on a captivating journey along the picturesque coastline of North Zealand, Denmark. This guided car tour offers a delightful exploration of scenic vistas, charming seaside towns, and historical landmarks. From pristine beaches to majestic castles, this itinerary promises a memorable experience showcasing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region… click here

Embark on a captivating journey through the picturesque island of Bornholm, Denmark’s gem nestled in the Baltic Sea. This guided car tour offers an immersive experience, unveiling the island’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural treasures. From ancient ruins to charming villages, this itinerary promises an unforgettable exploration of Bornholm’s highlights… click here

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