Green Focus | Architecture

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to experience world class architecture. Our vibrant capital Copenhagen exudes Danish history and is packed with exciting architecture and design that includes both historic ancient castles and modern masterpieces by some of the world’s greatest architects.

Spend your day with us in Copenhagen and surroundings and you can immerse yourself in all the splendid architecture our colorful capital has to offer when exploring what is behind the next corner.

Copenhagen has a range of architectural gems – from Royal palaces and medieval churches to world class modern architecture in the form of a new opera house, theatres, iconic art and cultural institutions and quite ordinary but spectacular buildings.

If you want to walk or bike there are limitations in terms of distance, but with our electrical car we can show you almost everything you want.

The most sustainable building is the one there already are build

“Green” Charging station | by COBE

Ressourcerækkerne | by Sandager Group


Bispebjerg Bakke | by Bjørn Nørgaard

Scandinavian Golf | by Henning Larsen

CopenHill | by BIG 


Metro Station (Nordhavn) | by COBE

Blox | by OMA for Real Dania

Opera  | by Henning Larsen 


The Black Diamond | by S.H.L

Top attractions 

  • Ressourcerækkene | Recycling and upsizing building material
  • Copenhill | Powerplant and recreational area as a landmark for Copenhagen 
  • Scandinavian Golf | Timber and stone in synergy with nature
  • Bispebjerg Bakke | Art and craftmanship in modern architecture
  • Charging station | Timber structures create a “restful and Zen-like feel”
  • Metro Station | Prototype for the green future


  • Sustainability
  • Architecture – land and water
  • Danish Design (se our Focus tour)
  • Harbour Front
  • History – the past in the present
  • Activity | Car – Bike – Walk
  • Tastings | Localy – Organic – Seasonal

Duration:3 to 7 hours.