North Zealand | Green Classic

 When everyday life became too stressful the ancient kings had their personal refuge in North Zealand. You can now experience this your self.  The area is rich in forests and lakes, royal castles, densely populated and with the national park Kongernes Nordsjælland as a beating heart.

The Castle | Barok Garden

Deer Park| Forrester House

Elsinore | Kronborg Castle

Nivågård | Rododendron Garden

Deer Park | The Hermitage 

Louisiana | Museum of Modern Art 


Frederiksborg Castle | Lake view

Rungstedlund | Blixen Museum

Par Force | Hunting Landscape

Top attractions 

    • Lousianna |World famous Museum of Modern Art
    • Rungstedlund | Karen Blixen Museum and a garden like My African Farm
    • Nivågård | Park and Museum with the one and only Rembrandt in Denmark!
    • Nivå | Old Brickworks production for many of the old houses in Copenhagen
    • M/S Maritime Museum | Established in Elsinore in 1915 and since 2013 around an old drydock in the former Shipyard
    • Esrum | Monastary
    • Kronborg Castle | Danish UNESCO World Heritage Site in Elsinore
    • Fredensborg Castle | The Royal family’s residence in spring and autumn
    • Frederiksborg Castle | Build in 1560 by King Frederik II as one of the royal castle, today a Museum of the royal history
    • The Barok Garden | A gift for our Queen Margrethe II
    • The Cave of Frederik VII | In Skodsborg
    • The Hermitage | A hunting house from Christian VI’s era in the Deer Park


    • National Park | Experience the original North Zealand nature with a great biodiversity in flora and fauna
    • Par Force | Hunting landscape from , now UNESCO World Heritage site which comprises Gribskov Forest, the Great Deer Park and Jægersborg Deer Park and Enclosure
    • The Deer Park | More than 2000 wild deer, and the oldest amusement park in the world


    • Sustainability
    • Nature
    • History
    • Culture
    • Castles
    • Art
    • Danish Design (se our Focus tour)
    • Activity | Hike – Bike – Golf
    • Tastings | Locally – Organic – Seasonal (Picnic)

    Duration: 5 to 7 hours or even longer…