Green Tours | Green Mindset

GreenTouristGuides always provide a unique experience of Denmark and our city Copenhagen. With us you’ll experience the best Green spots!

We can offer just about anything you want to see and experience. Our tour with you is not planed in every detail before you have told us where you want to go and what to see. Below you’ll find our Green Tour Program with suggestions for locations to visit and themes such as the classic historical and spectacular buildings and castles to design and the present sustainable architecture and modern living.

But always in every single tour we will elaborate our Green mindset. We’ll introduce you to the many eco-friendly, green and fun aspects of our daily life and the green environmental plans for the future in Denmark.
Let us show you how we in Denmark encourages people to leave their cars and go by bike. Or how recycling and energy efficiency are part of daily life. Hear about how Copenhagen plans to become carbon neutral by 2025 and has implemented a number of green initiatives to achieve this ambitious goal. We can even take you to a power station in the city centre that doubles as a recreational ski slope.

GreenTouristGuides offer private custom-made guided tour.
In other words, you tell us about the tour you’d like to experience, and we’ll make it happen!

Green Picnic

We´ll stop for a picnic at a local beauty or culture spot so you can enjoy a delicious, locally produced and organic lunch, of-course both seasonal and in ustainable Eco-friendly packaging.

 Vegetarian options are possible.

The Green Way

We can arrange walking tours, bike tours, boat tours, tours in electrical cars and can combine them after your wishes.


Green Walk

Let us take you on a walking talk through the green sights and sounds of the city… More info click here

Green Bike

Want to travel like a local? Let’s explore the city, countryside or coastline by bike…More info click here

Green Car

Forget about emissions! See the sights in style and comfort in one of our electric cars…More info click here

Green Tour Program

Sightseeing and guided tours in Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, North Zealand, South Zealand, Bornholm and Southern Sweden.
The list of attractions is long.
What you dont see in the tour program, but want to explore, please contact us on GREEN REQUEST.

Do you have a special request? Tell us what you want to experience – maybe a combination

of the above – and we´ll design the perfect green tour for you that meets your exact needs.

More Green info about group size, vehicles, Green Picnic, bike rentals etc… click here